Creative Lessons from Filmmaking Masters with Marshall Vandruff

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This intensive 8-week course focuses on the story staging structure for different genres. The class will look at how master filmmakers of the past work creatively to compose great sequences to tell stories in their own unique ways. This class is at its core designed for budding filmmakers who want to dive deeper into the storytelling techniques and history of their craft. In this class, Marshall will be breaking down and studying various scenes from iconic filmmakers such as Alfred Hitchcock, Stanley Kubrick, Francis Ford Coppla, Mel Brooks, Gene Wilder, David Lynch, Wes Anderson, Joel & Ethan Coen, Steven Spielberg, Tim Burton, Roger Deakins and many more. Beside film studies, Marshall will touch on topics such as creative collaboration, pictorial composition, story planning/creation process, overcoming limitations and improvisation for long-term projects. This is a great class for anyone who wants to expand on their knowledge and shot vocabulary through studying from past film making examples. We recommend this class for anyone who wants to get into directing storyboarding or for the artist who wants to create story projects of their own. 


WEEK 1 (June 15th) - Introduction; Why Learn from Filmmakers?

WEEK 2 (June 22nd) - Character & Story Fundamentals: Desire, Conflict, & Irony

WEEK 3 (June 29th) - The Creative Process: How Professionals Works: Finding Your Balance

WEEK 4 (July 6th) - Image & Sequence: Storyboards, Camera, & Editing

WEEK 5 (July 13th) - Genre: Finding your Niche in the Arts

WEEK 6 (July 20th) - Medium: Teams & Filmmaking Skills

WEEK 7 (July 27th) Style: The Role of Influence

WEEK 8 (Aug. 3rd) Market

CLASS #:112
TIME: Mondays, 7:00PM - 10:00PM 
START DATE:  June 8th, 2020 (***Start date have been pushed to June 15th***)
DURATION: 8 Weeks*
MATERIALS: Traditional sketching materials or Computer/Wacom/Photoshop to take notes and follow class assignments.

INSTRUCTOR: Marshall Vandruff is widely considered one of the top instructors on the subject of composition & visual storytelling. He has been training artists for various studios such as Blizzard Entertainment, Rockstar San Diego, Insomniac Games, Disneyland and Black Isle Studios. Some of his past students he have greatly influenced include Justin Sweet, Vance Kovacs, Chris Appelhans, Christie Tseng, & along with many of our teachers at CDA.

*Due to reasons such as instructor sick day, family emergencies, storm, earthquake, fire, flood, or other unforeseen circumstances, Concept Design Academy reserves the right to push any class back 1 week in schedule if necessary. Students are strongly recommended to plan their schedule with some flexibility in mind to avoid schedule conflicts. 

*** Limit one seat purchase for each class per student. Multiple seat purchase of same class will not be honored. ***