49 Character & Costume Design with Joshua James Shaw - Waiting List

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This course focuses on creating storytelling through the use of costumes on the characters. Topics such as range of movement, costume construction basics, materials, layering, storytelling, and various design techniques will be covered by the many in class lectures and demos. This is a great class for anyone interested in creating characters for film or game productions. Due to the realistic focus of the projects, previous figure drawing and character design experience is required for this course.

CLASS #: 105W
TIME: Saturdays, 2:00PM - 5:00PM  
START DATE: June 9th, 2018 
DURATION: 10 Weeks*
PREREQUISITE: Vis Com 1: Dynamic Sketching, Analytical Figure Drawing, Head and Hands Drawing, Animal Anatomy, Intro to Character Design 
INSTRUCTOR: Joshua is currently working as the Creative Director at Marvel Television. His past projects includes cinematic designs for “Elder Scrolls”, “Dark Souls 2”, film concept design for “The Amazing Spiderman”, “Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”, “Xmen: Days of the Future Past”, & “Deadpool”


*School Break July 21st (Comic Con Weekend)

*** Due to the limited seating, a purchase of a waiting list ticket is not a guarantee into the class and the waiting list ticket cost is non-refundable. If there are any new spots becomes available in a sold out class, we will release the seats in the order of the waiting list ticket purchase. ***