16 Character Design 2 with Kevin Chen & John Staub

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A good character design creates an iconic image that establishes the project identity, storytelling, interest and believability of the characters. This intermediate class covers the topics of character archetypes, establishing visual design themes, costume & props, creating humanoid characters and painting techniques. This is a great class for anyone interested in creating characters for game productions. Due to the realistic focus of the projects, previous figure drawing and character design experience is required for the course. 


CLASS #: 121
TIME: Wednesdays, 7:30PM - 11:00PM  (3.5 Hours)
START DATE: October 3rd, 2018
DURATION: 10 Weeks* 
RECOMMENDED PREREQUISITE: Vis Com 1: Dynamic Sketching, Analytical Figure Drawing, Animal Anatomy, Figure Invention for Animation, Intro to Character Design
MATERIALS: Computer/Laptop, Wacom & Photoshop required
INSTRUCTOR: Kevin Chen is a freelance concept artist on projects such as "Ender's Game" & Guardians of the Galaxy 1 & 2". John Staub is a freelance artist at Marvel Studios. His past clients include the upcoming films "Black Panther," Avengers Infinity War Part 1 & 2," & "Captain Marvel."


*Due to reasons such as instructor sick day, family emergencies, storm, earthquake, fire, flood, or other unforeseen circumstances, Concept Design Academy reserves the right to push any class back 1 week in schedule if necessary. Students are strongly recommended to plan their schedule with some flexibility in mind to avoid schedule conflicts. 

*** Limit one seat purchase for each class per student. Multiple seat purchase of same class will not be honored. ***