10 Sketching for Character Design with Jesse Aclin

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Sketchbook is the secret weapon of every character designer. It is the place where they can test out ideas and jot down quick observational sketches of people and character around them. In this class, the instructor will be teaching how to look for personalities, body language, costume storytelling, caricature, multiple character story moments and capture them in your sketchbook. This class will meet both in class for lecture and outdoors for live sketching at great people watching locations around LA. This is a must take class for anyone interested in doing character design, storyboard or animation for a living.

CLASS #: 112
TIME: Sundays, 2:00PM - 5:00PM
START DATE: June 10th, 2018 
DURATION: 10 Weeks* 
RECOMMENDED PREREQUISITE: Vis Com 1: Dynamic Sketching, Analytical Figure Drawing, Head and Hands, Costume Gesture Drawing
MATERIALS: Traditional sketching mediums 
INSTRUCTOR: Jesse is a Character Designer living in LA, working on Feature and TV animation projects. His past clients include Pixar, Laika, Blue Sky Studios, Warner Brothers, Disney TV, Nickelodeon, WBtv, DreamworksTv, Paramount Animation and many more!

 *School Break July 22nd (Comic Con Weekend)

*Due to reasons such as instructor sick day, family emergencies, storm, earthquake, fire, flood, or other unforeseen circumstances, Concept Design Academy reserves the right to push any class back 1 week in schedule if necessary. Students are strongly recommended to plan their schedule with some flexibility in mind to avoid schedule conflicts. 

*** Limit one seat purchase for each class per student. Multiple seat purchase of same class will not be honored. ***