33 Vis Com 1: Dynamic Sketching (SUN with Yves Yumol & Andrew Cano - Waiting List

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This class is designed to develop your foundations as a designer, You will learn how to break objects down to the most basic geometric forms and learn how to translate any object; live or inanimate on to paper with precision and ease. Through the use of pen and tone paper, you will learn to be more confident in your lines, and be aware of line economy. Topics such as perspective, gesture, drawing through will be covered during the many in class and field trip sketch sessions.

CLASS #: 105W
TIME: Sunday, 9:00AM - 1:00PM (4.0 Hours)
START DATE: Sep 29th, 2019
DURATION: 10 Weeks*
MATERIALS: Traditional sketching mediums
INSTRUCTOR: Yves Yumol and Andrew Cano


 *No Class December 1st (Thanksgiving Weekend)

*** Due to the limited seating, a purchase of a waiting list ticket is not a guarantee into the class and the waiting list ticket cost is non-refundable. If there are any new spots becomes available in a sold out class, we will release the seats in the order of the waiting list ticket purchase. ***