Sci Fi Design for Films & Games with Carlo Arellano (Online Course)

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From futuristic space operas to high tech hard science fiction world designs, concept artists are required to help visualize and explore the visual identity/ design language of the imaginary futuristic worlds on screen. In this special 8 week online course, Carlo Arellano will be sharing with us his design methodology in creating iconic designs using visual storytelling archetypes and functional forms. Topics such as juxtaposing visual ingredients, using the understanding of real world technology to ground a concept, creating designs that can be interactive/ animated to evoke an more memorable experience for the viewers. This is a great course for anyone interested in creating unique and believable technology for sci fi film and game productions.

CLASS #: 122
TIME: Sunday, 10:00 - 1:00PM (PDT)
START DATE: Oct 9th, 2022
DURATION: 8 Weeks* 
RECOMMENDED PREREQUISITE: Intro to Perspective, Vis Com 1

MATERIALS: Computer, Wacom (or Cintiq), and Photoshop

INSTRUCTOR: Carlo Arellano is a very experienced Art Director/ Concept Artists whom is currently the Principal Art Director at Wizards of The Coast. Carlo past projects spans from live action films to AAA game productions such as “Warcraft 3”, “World of Warcraft”, “God of War: Chains of Olympus”, “The Order of 1886”, “Resistance 1 & 3”, “Vanglory”, “Ratchet & Clank: A Crack in Time”, “Fuse”, “Sunset Overdrive”, “Spiderman”, “Van Helsing”, and “Planet of the Apes (Tim Burton)”.


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*Due to reasons such as instructor sick day, family emergencies, storm, earthquake, fire, flood, or other unforeseen circumstances, Concept Design Academy reserves the right to push any class back 1 week in the schedule if necessary. Students are strongly recommended to plan their schedule with some flexibility in mind to avoid schedule conflicts.